• Date:Dec 2012
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This is the place where youth can develop as they make new friends with Bulgarians and internationals and strengthen their muscles while playing sports. Most importantly, however, is that the majority of these youth will hear the Gospel for the first time in their lives and trust Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Every day provides opportunities for youth to learn about how we should live as Christians, and to decide to dedicate their lives to Christ.

The program includes learning Christian hymns and youth songs, and lessons directly related to problems which youth face in today’s world. It is the unique balance between healthy play and wholesome entertainment which youth seek that creates the platform for Biblical training which is so vital for their lives.

Летен Лагер

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AEC v1.0.4

Зимен Лагер

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AEC v1.0.4

от 8 – 13 години  

от 14 – 18 години 

моб: 0899-204-216

Е-mail: Duminajivot@gmail.com





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