About us

Word of Life“, is an organization with a long history of working with youth. Word of Life started in the 1930s in the US. Its founder, Jack Wyrtzen, was a young man who accepted Christ while as a musician in a military orchestra. God put in his heart a deep passion to spread the Good News across the whole world, especially to youth. The organization started with preaching the Gospel in New York schools. Through his preaching many turned to God and were saved and through the years Jack gathered faithful Christians around himself, who had the same goal.

Word of Life” is a ministry located in more than 50 countries. Year after year God expands the scope of the organization. Many have accepted the Lord through the mission and have not only succeeded in growing and being rooted in their faith, but also have become workers in the international organization “Word of Life.”
“Word of Life Bulgaria” is involved is Christian Youth Camps and Youth Bible Clubs.


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